Kelliher Elevator

“On a recent trip to Saskatchewan, I was visiting with my mom when her doorbell rang. It was my mom's neighbour. “Susan, can you paint me a picture”, “I would love to.” I said. “Of what?”

The neighbour explained that his wife was from a small town in Saskatchewan called Kelliher and he would like a painting of the elevator. “Absolutely, that will be fun.” I turned to my mom and said “Road trip. We need to take a drive up to Kelliher and take some photos for reference.”

Back on the West Coast, I painted this beautiful elevator painting. It was fun to add my own flair and zest for colour to the subject, sweeping in the prairie grasses in the foreground, and beautiful blue skies in the background.

Shipped back to Saskatchewan, here is what the client had to say…

“Thank you very much for doing the painting of Kelliher Elevator. It's truly beautiful.”
Bev & Gavin


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